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(Martial Arts)
We teach Lai Tung Pai as well as Wing Chun, Tai Chi Chuan and Hsing Yi. We hope this site provides some insight into the programs we offer. Kong Hoi Kung Fu Association© is part of Carolina's Association of Chinese Martial Arts (CACMA©). This nonp
(Healing Arts)
At Insight Wellness, we treat Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Endocrine issues (hypo & hyperthyroidism), Female issues (Menstrual, Polycistic ovaries, etc.), Male issues, Sciatica, Low energy, Cancers and Autoimmune diseasess, Emotional health, and many othe
(Martial Arts)
Named for one of the highest ideals in Japanese Budo, Makoto means "Oneness in Word and Deed." It is named to remind the instructor and the students to aspire to this ideal, to train hard, and to train consistently. Makoto dojo primarily offers
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