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Martial Arts Articles

The Amazing Secrets of Intention Throws!

To watch the Mixed Martial Arts fighters there is only one way to take an opponent down, and that is by rushing in low, grabbing the legs, and dumping them. Yes, this is the time honored way of doing things, but there are other ways. Truth, if you are fighting Joe Blow on the street, who has not concentrated on learning the attack and defense of that particular maneuver, there are lots of different ways of taking people down.

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How to Move the Martial Arts into the Next Century

The martial arts, if you want to be really honest, were developed in third world countries. Of course, a few centuries ago, let alone a millennia or two, every country was a third world country. The unfortunate truth this fact of reasoning leads to, however, is that the martial arts are taught using old, ancient and outdated methods.

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Five Things You Should Know About Small Joint Manipulation!

When people watch Mixed Martial Arts, they watch grown men being twisted into mat slapping pretzels, and they see all the big knock outs. This is truly amazing and potent martial arts, but they are missing the boat. One of those little rules they have in MMA that not many people pay attention to, you see, is No Small Joint Manipulation.

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