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Aikido Lineage

NOTE: The histories, philosophies, and accomplishments of the following individuals are too

numerous to list within this site. The following is intended as a summarized introduction. All

information and any Links are offered with the utmost respect.

Morihei Ueshiba was born December 14, 1883. Ueshiba's proficiencies in the Martial Arts were numerous; He was a student of Sokaku Takeda's Daito-ryu Jujutsu. osenseiMany believe that the technical basis of Aikido descended from the Daito-ryu curriculum. But, by the Mid-thirties, Ueshiba was renowned for his own creation - Aiki-Budo. Aiki-Budo is the predecessor of Aikido, and taught the "Unity of Spirit, Mind, and Body." But Aikido transcended the sum of Ueshiba's training and experience. His philosophy, his technical knowledge, and his Spirit is too vast to entertain in this brief space. His book, entitled "Budo," is an invaluable resource for any practitioner, student, or even hobbyist.



Kenji Tomiki was born May 15th, 1900. Tomiki was a student of Judo founder, Jigaro Kano. Mr. Tomiki was awarded Menkyo in Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu under Morihei Ueshiba. Mr. Tomiki tomikiis especially well known for his testing and systemization of many classical Aikido & Aikijujutsu techniques. His philosophy and methodology was heavily influenced by the principles of Judo, also known as the "Gentle Way." Our Martial Arts training did not include Professor Tomiki's Tanto-randori, or any competitive element. Our focus is strictly Self-Defense.


Sensei, Jack Mumpower, is a direct student of Kenji Tomiki and Hideo Ohba. Sensei Mumpower is one of the first people to mumpowerintroduce Aikido to America. I am grateful to have trained under Sensei Mumpower. I received my Shodan from Mr. Mumpower in 1996. Mr. Mumpower has spent nearly Four Decades teaching the Techniques and Principles of Aikido.

Karl Geis has had a long and prolific career in teaching Judo, Aikido and Jodo. He was a direct student of Kenji Tomiki, and was trained by some of the Top Martial Artists from Japan and Numerous Countries. Please visit his website to see his resume. I am very fortunate to have joined the Fugakukai. Just Two of his seminars have cleared up years of questions.



Finally, I wish to thank my First Instructor, Sensei Raeford Bustle. My love, and sometimes obsession, with Martial Arts andbustle Aikido began with him. Studying near my home, in Charlotte, NC, I was dazzled by Sensei Bustle's movements and techniques. Sensei Bustle received his Yondan from Sensei Mumpower. Sadly, He is not actively teaching.


The Fugakukai teaches the Kihara method. The training methods are Extremely effective, yet they are subtle and safe to practice at any skill or fitness level, or age. Questions that have plagued my training for nearly ten years were answered by The Fugakukai and its methods This is TRUE Aiki. I'm proud to be a member. See the link for more information.


Aikido Training

Both the experienced Martial Artist & the Beginner can benefit. The movements rival Tai Chi, in Beauty and Grace. Even to a skilled fighter, the elements of Aikijujutsu are subtle and elusive. The Self Defense techniques may remind you of the Jujutsu & Grappling Arts, or even Chinese Chin Na. The Health Benefits similar to Tai Chi, Yoga, and Chi Kung can all be found in training. 


Martial Arts Training involves more than self-defense. Aikido deals with the nature of both internal and external conflict. But, for brevity, several simplified concepts of training are presented here.

The focus of training involves working with a partner or partners.

The role of the "Attacker" in training is crucial. In Aikido, the attacker is often called "Uke" or "one who is thrown."

You can often tell how good a person's Aikido is by their knowledge of the role of Uke.


As Uke, you learn how to give a committed attack, for the sake of training yourself and your partner. Don't worry. You don't have to be a trained fighter or have any experience (or even athleticism). This can be accomplished at any pace. But you will also be able to "learn" with your body, so that you will better understand how to recreate a technique when the roles are reversed. ."Body learning" is as crucial as learning with your eyes or your brain. Remember, Aikido teaches Unity of Body and Mind.
In order to train safely, we learn to fall, roll, and even flip.

Fear not:

Neither your age nor your level of conditioning will hinder your Martial Arts training. Ukemi is taught at a pace dictated by the individual.

We teach coordinated foot and hand movements, to unify Body and Mind. From a standpoint of Physics, the Power of a "Centered" body is far more powerful than the Power of a single arm or leg. We teach coordination of breathing methods and body movements for both Self-defense and Health Benefits.


Randori is a UNIQUE teaching and training method. While Randori is loosely equated with "free-style" practice, it is VERY different from "sparring." Randori is slow, controlled, SAFE, and NON-COMPETITIVE. Randori teaches so much more than can be summarized in this small space.


First, and most importantly, you must break the opponent's Posture and Balance. You can break an opponent's posture, and they may still retain strength, and eventually regain advantage. But an opponent cannot use strength when off-balanced. We teach breaking posture and balance, which allows you to take advantage of the opponent's physiologically weak points for Defense or Control. The crux of Basic techniques fall into two categories:



An "Atemi" is a strike to a physiologically weak point on the opponent's body. You attack when posture is broken, and you attack in the direction in which balance and posture are broken. The Atemi has two goals:

1) Throw the opponent OR 2) Strike or Injure the opponent

We teach Option #1. From a moral and legal standpoint, it is largely preferable to defend than to injure. Option #2 is important to know, but only for cases of life and death.


Kansetsu-waza involves attacking weak points in the skeletal system. The human body is weaker at the joints because of the structural difference. Knowing these physiologically weak points allows you to Defend or Control a larger or stronger person with minimal effort or exertion. Again, Kansetsu-waza is highly improbable without first breaking the opponent's posture and balance. Kansetsu-waza allow you to throw, or even "lock down" an opponent. As you advance, Aikijujutsu techniques are introduced. These techniques can allow you to manipulate the Nervous system, as opposed to the Skeletal system.


Classes offered at Thundering Wave for Men and Women, of any age, size, or level of fitness. Check the link for monthly dues (No Contracts), and Special Offers.

Join our Aikido class at Mint Hill Martial Arts, and you get:

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Daito-ryu Roppokai Study Group - Train in This AMAZING ART. Check the LINKS section for Information on the Art.
We are truly lucky to have a good study group. It continues to grow! There are very few places to legitimately study and train in this art.
Good Ukemi is a necessity to practice. Aikido & the Aiki arts are an excellent foundation.
Contact Tom Cohen at 704-301-2141 for more information.






Founded in Japan by Morihei Ueshiba , Aikido means "The Way of Harmonious Energies." As a Martial Art, it stresses the Unity of Mind & Body. Aikido is a True and Effective form of Self Defense. In action, it enables individuals to defeat larger and more powerful opponents, with a minimum of strength or exertion. It is ideal for Women and Men of ALL ages and sizes. ueshiba

Mondays 8:30-9:30
Wednesdays 8:30-9:30


 Class size will be limited.  Now accepting committed interest and/or pre-payment for Upcoming classes (starting in August).

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