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How to Move the Martial Arts into the Next Century

The martial arts, if you want to be really honest, were developed in third world countries. Of course, a few centuries ago, let alone a millennia or two, every country was a third world country. The unfortunate truth this fact of reasoning leads to, however, is that the martial arts are taught using old, ancient and outdated methods.

The budding student is told to practice the horse stance if he wants to make it. He is given forms with horse stances in them. And, after a few years or a decade or two, he becomes able to grip the ground pert good.

But...why wasn't he just given the data necessary to create an energy beam that could penetrate the earth? Yeah, channel your breath to the tan tien and make the energy grow. Now, shoot beams down your legs and connect with good, old mother earth.

And, if he has trouble, give him more data and create more understanding. Show him how to twist the legs so that he can make energy reach the ground. Show him how to push the legs so so that he can make energy come from the ground.

oh, I forgot, they didn't have physics necessary to describe what an energy beam was and how to build it with the body. Uh, to be truthful, they didn't have any physics. They had some pretty good mysticism, though.

The truth is that mysticism is nothing more than made up reasons for things you don't understand. Mysticism is based on mystery. And the methods of the ancients, transfigured through well meaning instructors, are based on what they didn't understand.

Oh, people still get the teachings of the martial arts, in a manner of speaking. But it takes a lifetime or two or three. It takes a lifetime, but if the student doesn't have the ability to differentiate the tricks of language, he is going to pass on the same old tricks that enlighten a few of the fortunate, and befuddle the many that aren't fortunate.

So, new methods are needed. Real understanding is the goal if you are going to master the martial arts, and move on through the mystical realms described by the ancients. Sup to you, can you find me?

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