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Daitoryu Aikijujutsu Ginjukai

Daitoryu Aikijujutsu Ginjukai


Daitoryu Aikijujutsu of NC trains regularly.  Instructor, Tom Cohen, began his studies under Okamoto Seigo in 1997.  He began an official group in 2001.

In 2010 we separated from Roppokai and joined Ginjukai under Howard Popkin Sensei.  We are always looking for dedicated students to join us in our training!


Daitoryu Aikijujutsu is a rare, Classical Martial Art. Training is open to both beginning and experienced Martial artists.
We do not train for show or profit. 

There are no other groups in NC with the experience and dedication that we offer.
Emphasis is on training and dedication - not numbers or commercial interests. Classical Martial arts with this lineage are truly rare.



Wednesdays 7:30PM

Sundays 5:00pm


If you are truly interested we can set up an Interest meeting. Membership does not prohibit you from training in other styles.
We do not charge for training. We do ask for assistance with travel and expenses only




takedaSokaku Takeda was born in 1868. He is regarded as the most modern and prolific teacher of Daito-ryu Aikijujitsu. According to his enrollment books, Takeda taught as many as 30,000 students. He died in 1943, but his legacy continues. Students of note include Morihei Ueshiba and Kodo Horikawa. Ueshiba is the founder of Aikido. Horikawa, founder of the Daito-ryu Kodokai, was the teacher of Seigo Okamoto.





Kodo Horikawa was a top student of Sokaku Takeda. Takeda taught Horikawa according to his body type. Thus, it is said thatkodo Horikawa's technique emphasized Aiki over strength. Horikawa received Kyoju Dairi directly from Sokaku Takeda. It is said that Takeda gave permission to scribe his own Menkyo Kaiden certificate, but sadly passed away before he could sign. Thus, Horikawa received Menkyo Kaiden from Sokaku's son, Tokimune. Horikawa passed away in 1980.



Soshi Seigo Okamoto began training in Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu in 1963, under Kodo Horikawa. Okamoto founded the Daito-ryu Roppokai in 1980, after the passing of Kodo Horikawa. Soshi Okamoto is a true master of Budo, and the subtlety of his technique astounds. I am honored to study this Budo, and to be given permission to operate an official Study Group.


okamotoThe Daito-ryu Aikijutsu Roppokai is led by Soshi Seigo Okamoto. We operated an Official Group until we parted in 2010 due to political reasons.







Daitoryu Aikijujutsu GinjukaiIn 2010 we joined Ginjukai under Sensei Popkin and Sensei Brogna to continue our training.  Our purpose is to study and practice this rare and amazing art, to build a dedicated group, and to follow and respect all rules and regulations of the Ginjukai  Information on the Art may be obtained through the Daito-ryu Ginjukai Website.



We are the ONLY official group in NC.

Daitoryu Aikijujutsu is an extremely rare, classical Martial art.

Ginjukai Lineage is DIRECT.  We all study and Train under Popkin Sensei and Brogna Sensei. Both of our Senseis, as well as Tom Cohen, were direct students of Soshi Seigo Okamoto, Direct student of Horikawa, Direct student of Takeda.

Takeda was a primary teacher of Ueshiba, founder of Aikido.

We are not a big commercial dojo.  Classes are direct.  Instruction is Hands-on.  The group is small and closely-knit.  We  train to honor our chosen Budo and our organization.

We do not train for Show, competition or profit.

We are not a made up art, a combination art, or a mixed-martial art.


So, if you're not looking for a big social group, a bank-draft, a contract, or the latest trend, come train with us.

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