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The Amazing Secrets of Intention Throws!

To watch the Mixed Martial Arts fighters there is only one way to take an opponent down, and that is by rushing in low, grabbing the legs, and dumping them. Yes, this is the time honored way of doing things, but there are other ways. Truth, if you are fighting Joe Blow on the street, who has not concentrated on learning the attack and defense of that particular maneuver, there are lots of different ways of taking people down.

Actually, there are too many ways to list, and they are combat ready for the street. We can, however,organize the takedowns, as I have done in my Forty Monkeys Course, but there is an even easier and simpler way to take a person down. This is the method of inserting intention into the person's space.

When you take a person down you need to circle a joint. Circling a joint requires leverage, just as a steersman would turn a Captains Wheel. Thus, one must enter the space of the opponent and find the levers extending from the wheel that he might effectively turn the opponent--upside down.

There are only a couple of spokes on the human body. They are the head, the arms, and the legs. Thus, to turn the body one must insert their arms past the spokes.

Insert an arm over the opponents shoulder, press forcefully against his neck as you lift his arm, and you will find a wonderful but sometimes unexpected throw. Of course you must make sure that the opponent doesn't twist out of the hold, and this may necessitate some quick counter manipulations. The main thing is to realize that smacking an elbow into a cheek, or pressing fingers in the neck, is going to make the person shift away, but in a manner that can actually feed the technique.

Insert an arm under the opponents arm and you will find a chance to bend that arm down, into a weird sort of wrong angle armlock. Or, you might bend the arm the other way, and find a chicken wing, or a figure four armlock, which threatens to snap the arm off at the elbow, or wrench the whole thing off at the shoulder. If the opponent doesn't want to go along, deliver a sharp elbow to his side to create a shock and lock technique.

You can go between the legs, on the wrong side of the head, anywhere, as long as you are willing to extend your arm past him. Your arm will be a lever, and a little twisting will manipulate the nearest joint unpleasantly. The idea, of course, is to extend your intention with your arm.

To extend your intention is the key to making this work. Intention is desire is will is chi is ki is...your wish made concrete. Once one understands this concept all sorts of secondary takedowns, locks, and throws become second nature.

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